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This page is about the Advancements in the game, which tracks Progression. For a full guide on progression, see Progression.

Like vanilla Minecraft, Advancements are small achievements that can be obtained by completing a goal. However, this mod uses Advancements for various purposes, such as guiding the player and tracking where the player is in Progression.

Progression-based Advancements[edit]

These Advancements are what determines where the player can go. For each completed Advancement, another area opens up for the player, with an exception to The Silence of the Forest, which does not impact on protection spells (unless the Naga was killed, but that is more related to Naga Hunter.)

Icon Advancement Description Parent Requirements In-game ID
Twilight Forest Enter the mysterious magical woodlands; the Twilight Forest. - Build the Twilight Forest portal twilightforest:root
The Silence of the Forest Hunt some of the local wildlife. Twilight Forest Slay a creature (passive, hostile, boss) twilightforest:twilight_hunter
Naga Hunter Slay the Naga in its forest courtyard and obtain a Naga Scale to overcome the barrier magic surrounding the Lich's tower. Silence of the Forest Slay the Naga and obtain a Naga Scale twilightforest:progress_naga
Bring Out Your Dead Slay the Twilight Lich at top of his tower and retrieve a Scepter to clear poisonous mosquitoes from the Swamp, see through blinding darkness of the Dark Forest's curse, and resist the Snowy Forest's chill. Naga Hunter Slay the Lich and obtain one of the four Scepters twilightforest:progress_lich
Mighty Stroganoff The meat & mushroom stew pleasantly warms you, enough so you feel you're acclimatised enough to venture into the Fire Swamp. Bring Out Your Dead Slay the Minoshroom and eat some Meef Stroganoff twilightforest:progress_labyrinth
Hydra Slayer Defeat the mighty Hydra and empower yourself. Mighty Stroganoff Slay the Hydra and obtain Fiery Blood twilightforest:progress_hydra
Trophied Champion Claim your title by placing a trophy on the pedestal in the dark forest ruins. Bring Out Your Dead Successfully unlock the Goblin Knight Stronghold twilightforest:progress_trophy_pedestal
Carminite Acclimation Settle the restless phantoms in the Knight's Tomb and the carminite tower's devices will obey you. Trophied Champion Slay at least one Knight Phantom twilightforest:progress_knights
Something Strange in Towerwood Slay the Ghastlings around a Ghast Trap and activate to wrench the Ur-Ghast from the sky! Carminite Acclimation Use a Ghast Trap twilightforest:ghast_trap
Tears of Fire Touch the fiery red tears of the Ur-Ghast. Something Strange in Towerwood Slay the Ur-Ghast and obtain Fiery Tears twilightforest:progress_ur_ghast
Alpha Fur Line your garments with the soft fur from the Alpha Yeti, keeping you safe from the Glacier's cold. Bring Out Your Dead Slay the Alpha Yeti and obtain Alpha Yeti Fur twilightforest:progress_yeti
Clear Skies Defeat the Snow Queen atop the Aurora Palace. Alpha Fur Slay the Snow Queen and obtain the Snow Queen Trophy twilightforest:progress_glacier
Ultimate Showdown Slay the Hydra, Ur-Ghast, and Snow Queen to clear the acid rain and embolden yourself for the Highlands. Bring Out Your Dead Slay a Hydra, Ur-Ghast and Snow Queen twilightforest:progress_merge
I Wish For More Burning Find the Lamp of Cinders in the troll caves, and you can burn away the thorn barriers. Ultimate Showdown Obtain a Lamp of Cinders twilightforest:progress_troll
Past the Thorns [NYI] Make it past the Thornlands, and unlock the door of the castle. I Wish For More Burning Unobtainable twilightforest:progress_thorns
So Castle Very Wow [NYI] What could even be in that castle?!? Past the Thorns [NYI] Unobtainable twilightforest:progress_castle

Side Quest Advancements[edit]

Along with Advancements based on Progression, there also exist Advancements for completing small tasks. These do not affect Progression directly, but may assist you in some way, even if it may be insignificant.

Icon Advancement Description Parent Requirements In-game ID
We Dine At Eternal Sundown Eat ALL of the Food exclusive to the Twilight Forest. Twilight Forest Eat Raw or Cooked Venison, Raw or Cooked Meef, Experiment 115, Hydra Chop, Maze Wafer and Meef Stroganoff. twilightforest:twilight_dinner
The Boots Are Mine! Defeat a Redcap Goblin in a small Hollow Hill. Twilight Forest Slay a Redcap Goblin while in a small Hollow Hill. twilightforest:hill1
What Was That Noise? Defeat a Redcap Sapper in a medium Hollow Hill. The Boots Are Mine! Slay a Redcap Sapper while in a medium Hollow Hill. twilightforest:hill2
I See Right Through You Defeat a Twilight Wraith in a large Hollow Hill. What Was That Noise? Slay a Twilight Wraith while in a large Hollow Hill. twilightforest:hill3
Bug Stomper Defeat a spider in a Hedge Maze. Twilight Forest Slay a Hedge Spider or a Swarm Spider while in a Hedge Maze. twilightforest:hedge
Consummate Baaahs Give the Questing Ram what it is missing. Twilight Forest Complete the Questing Ram's Quest twilightforest:quest_ram
With Fire It Writes Craft the Magic Map Focus with a Raven Feather, Glowstone Dust, and Torchberries. The Silence of the Forest Craft a Magic Map Focus. twilightforest:magic_map_focus
I Can See For Miles Craft the Magic Map. With Fire It Writes Craft a Magic Map. twilightforest:magic_map
And Now, to Find the Exit Craft the Maze Map after obtaining the focus from the labyrinth. I Can See For Miles Craft a Maze Map. twilightforest:maze_map
How Can This Be Worth It? Craft the Maze/Ore map And Now, to Find The Exit Craft a Maze/Ore Map. twilightforest:ore_map
Naga Armorer Craft both Naga Scale chest and leg armor. Naga Hunter Craft Naga Scale Tunic and Naga Scale Leggings. twilightforest:naga_armors
By Our Powers Combined! Acquire all four scepters of power. Bring Out Your Dead Obtain a Scepter of Twilight, Scepter of Life Draining, Zombie Scepter, and Scepter of Fortification. twilightforest:lich_scepter
Breaking the Maze Find the Mazebreaker pickaxe in the secret labyrinth vault. Bring Out Your Dead Obtain a Mazebreaker. twilightforest:mazebreaker
Hydra Chop, Baby! Chow down on some overpowered hydra meat when your food bar is empty. Hydra Slayer Eat a Hydra Chop while hunger is down to 0 twilightforest:hydra_chop.
Gallons of Blood and Tears Wield a fiery tool or weapon while wearing at least one piece of fiery armor. Hydra Slayer Craft a Fiery Sword or Fiery Pickaxe while wearing any piece of Fiery Armor. twilightforest:fiery_set
Mystery Meat? It looks like cake, though... Carminite Acclimation Eat an Experiment 115. twilightforest:experiment_115
Making a note: Huge Success! It's so delicious and moist! Mystery Meat? Have a full block of Experiment 115 with Redstone sprinkles. twilightforest:experiment_115_self_replenishing
Eating 115 Everyday, 115 Years eating experiment one-hundred-fifteen all day, forever, one-hundred-fifteen times experiment one-hundred-fifteen, experiment one-hundred-fifteen dot com, double-u double-u double-u dot experiment one-hundred-fifteen dot com, one-hundred-fifteen years, every minute experiment one-hundred-fifteen dot com, double-u double-u double-u dot one-hundred-fifteen times experiment one-hundred-fifteen dot com Mystery Meat? (Temporary) Eat an Experiment 115 while holding a full stack of Experiment 115. twilightforest:experiment_115_115
Getting in Fashion Dye all 4 pieces of Arctic Armor. Alpha Fur Dye all armor pieces from the Arctic Armor set. twilightforest:arctic_armor_dyed
One Hit Wonder Hope you made good use of that. Alpha Fur Use and break a Glass Sword (Rewarded a Glass Sword on completion) twilightforest:glass_sword

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