Alpha Yeti

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Health points 
200 (HeartFull.png x 100)
Attack strength
Freezing Field: 1 (HeartHalf.png) per half-second
Jumping Attack: 5 (HeartFull.pngHeartFull.pngHeartHalf.png) + fall damage

The fearsome Alpha Yeti is much larger than the rest of the yetis in its pack. It has six large blue horns and is constantly aggressive towards players.

When attacked, an alpha yeti typically varies between two different forms of attack.

As its first form of offense, the alpha yeti throws giant ice blocks towards the player. When they land, the ice blocks form a freezing field around the impact zone for a few seconds. Standing near or moving into the freezing field will slow and damage the player. While throwing ice blocks, the alpha yeti deflects all ranged attacks.

If an intrepid adventurer manages to land a close-range attack on the alpha yeti while it is throwing ice blocks, it will switch to a second, dangerous form of attack. In its second attack mode, the alpha yeti jumps up and down while flailing its arms rapidly. It will hit and knock back anything close to it while executing this maneuver. More dangerously, the jumping causes large ice blocks to dislodge from the ceiling nearby. A shower of snowflakes will warn careful players where an ice block is about to land.

The jumping lasts for about 20 seconds, after which the alpha yeti is briefly tired. After a short break, it will resume throwing ice blocks.

Adventurers who persevere and defeat the alpha yeti will be rewarded with several treasures. Alpha Yeti Fur and Ice Bombs.


While using the progression system, the snowy forest will be under the effects of a perpetual blizzard. The Yeti Lair and monsters inside will be magically protected while the blizzard is in effect. The blizzard lets up after the player defeats the Ur-ghast.

Vanquishing the Alpha Yeti and harvesting some of his fur will allow the player to access the Glacier and the Aurora Palace on the glacier.