Block of Steeleaf

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Block of Steeleaf
Block of Steeleaf.png
Transparency No
Luminance None
Blast Resistance 10
Tool Shears
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes
Flammable no
ID block_storage (value:2)

Block of Steeleaf is a block crafted from nine Steeleaf. This block is mostly decorative, used to store numerous pieces of Steeleaf into one block. If one was to land on a Block of Steeleaf from a tall height, they will receive a 25% reduction in fall damage. Block of Steeleaf can be crafted back into nine Steeleaf pieces.


Steeleaf Crafting.png


Version Details
3.2.155 Added Block of Steeleaf. This block was initially unavailable in the Creative Inventory, but could be crafted.
3.3.202 Made Block of Steeleaf available in the Creative Inventory.

Made Block of Steeleaf breakable by Shears and makes sounds similar to Leaves.

Falling on a Block of Steeleaf would reduce fall damage by 25%.

3.4.239 Fixed a bug where Block of Steeleaf can be used as Furnace Fuel.

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