Dark Tower Mechanism Blocks

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Reappearing Block[edit]

Twilight Forest Reappearing Block 1.pngTwilight Forest Reappearing Block 2.png

Reappearing Blocks, when right-clicked, open up, but after a brief time, they close again. These blocks can also be used as a doorway, and can be broken, harvested, and crafted.
Block re.png

Vanishing Block[edit]

Twilight Forest Vanishing Block 1.pngTwilight Forest Vanishing Block 2.png

Vanishing Blocks open up when right-clicked, and disappear. These blocks cannot break and cannot be harvested, but they can be crafted like so...
2013-03-22 11.26.21.png

Locked/Unlocked Vanishing Block[edit]

Twilight Forest Locked Vanishing Block.pngTwilight Forest Unlocked Vanishing Block.png

Locked Vanishing Blocks are just like regular Vanishing Blocks except you need a Tower Key to open them up. These blocks cannot be broken, harvested, or crafted.

Carminite Builder[edit]

Twilight Forest Tower Bulider 1.pngTwilight Forest Tower Builder 2.png

Carminite Builder Blocks are a very unique and useful block. Once turned on with a Lever, they will begin to build a bridge where ever you are facing. These blocks are very useful when trying to get to another platform. Carminite Builder Blocks can be broken, harvested and crafted.


Twilight Forest Anti-Builder 1.pngTwilight Forest Anti-Builder 2.png

Anti-builder Blocks are rather annoying blocks that will break anything you place when near them, making a challenging obstacle to pass. These blocks will also turn anything you break into a glass-like block. Anti-builder Blocks cannot be harvested nor crafted, but can be broken.

Carminite Reactor[edit]

Twilight Forest Carminite Reactor.pngTwilight Forest Carminite Reactor 2.png
Carminite Reactors are rather dangerous. When activated using Redstone Blocks, they will turn the nearby Obsidian and Netherrack into Gold and Iron Blocks, turn green, suck nearby blocks up, and then explode, summoning 5 Carminite Ghastlings. It can be broken, harvested, and crafted.

Ghast Trap[edit]

Twilight Forest Ghast Trap.pngTwilight Forest Ghast Trap 2.png

These blocks are utilized by the Ur-ghast to spawn its minions, which are weaker versions of Carminite Ghastlings, since a hit from any weapon will kill them. After killing a Carminite Ghastling, red particles will descend into the Ghast trap; for every Ghastling you kill the Ghast Traps will become louder and play more musical notes, until it begins to smoke. When it's smoking, if activated by redstone it will shoot out a red laser killing any nearby Carminite Ghastlings and Carminite Ghastguards. It will not kill the Ur-ghast, but it will do critical damage.

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