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Why is this mod so laggy?[edit]

This mod has higher performance requirements than regular Minecraft. It's just a matter of complexity. The mod places more blocks during terrain generation. There are larger trees, and generally more things, on average than most of regular Minecraft. For those using Forge versions older than, lighting calculations may be a significant cause for lag.

You may try changing the graphics mode to fast, as this will result in fewer leaf blocks being rendered. Lowering your visibility settings may also improve performance. There also exists mods to increase FPS, such as FoamFix or BetterFPS, or by editing with JVM Arguments to improve performance.

Can I put this mod in my mod pack? What is your mod pack policy?[edit]

Yes, you can put this mod in any mod pack as long as the following conditions are met:

  1. Provide a link to the Curseforge project about the Twilight Forest mod
  2. Properly credit the author
  3. Do not make money off the mod pack
  4. Remove the mod from the mod pack if requested to do so by the author

Help! I just respawned somewhere weird when I died![edit]

When you die and respawn in Twilight Forest, just like in standard Minecraft, you respawn at the "spawn point", a position within a few hundred blocks of (0,0). MC tries to spawn you at the first suitable point above sea level at that spawn point - and invariably in Twilight Forest (as it is a forest, after all), that first suitable point is on top of one of the trees. This also may or may not be anywhere near your portal to the standard Minecraft world, as it depends entirely on where the portal was placed in relation to the spawn point. The easy solution is to make your portal to the Twilight Forest near your spawn point; this way, if you die without a new spawn point set, you are in "explored" territory near your return portal. You can also build a bed in Twilight Forest and sleep there to explicitly set your spawn point (although it's harder in TF to tell when it's night and thus when you can sleep).

I'm using Optifine, and this mod is playing up. What do I do?[edit]

Remove Optifine. Several issues arise between Optifine and Twilight Forest, such as maps not displaying at all or incorrectly, shaders messing up the sky, or in the worst scenario, crash. Most issues relating between the two mods is often caused by Optifine, and cannot be fixed on the Twilight Forest side of things, and the only solution is to remove Optifine.

If, however, you are using Optifine to increase performance, you can install other mods that can improve performance.

Can this mod be ported to (version older than the current supported version)?[edit]

In short: No.

There exists mods that are supported on multiple versions, but supporting several versions is often hard to maintain. Because of this, the Twilight Forest Mod will only be supported on the latest supported version.

Can I play the latest version of the mod with older worlds?[edit]

It is unlikely an old world can work with a newer version. It may vary, depending on how old the world is and the modpack used. To be safe, backup the old world and start the world with the new build. If it doesn't work, delete the DIM 7 folder from the world and try again. You will lose everything that was in the dimension, but it will work with the new version, guaranteed.

Keep in mind that, even if the latest version works with the old world, new features such as structures will not generate in the Twilight Forest unless you were to explore an undiscovered part of the dimension, but it is much better if the DIM 7 folder is deleted.

When is the (work-in-progress thing) going to be added?[edit]

Be patient!

It is best that new features are to be added in their own time so the developers can work on the new feature. For work-in-progress features, these are currently being worked on, and when it is stable enough, will be released in the next available version.

Sometimes, features you never knew you wanted will be added to the mod. These are small and relatively easy to implement, but it just makes the mod much more characterised and fun to play with.

If Experiment 115 looks like cake, then why isn't it described as cake?[edit]

We've asked the creator of the mod, Benimatic, time and time again, but he never tells us. He'd probably like to keep it a secret, and maybe for the best...

I think I came across a bug. What do I do?[edit]

The Twilight Forest has an Issues page for things like this. There are several procedures in submitting an issue.

First: If you came across a bug and you can see it, try you very best to capture the bug with F2 and submit the image there. If there is a procedure in finding this bug, make sure you can reproduce this.

Second: If you came across a bug, but you cannot see it, try to describe what you did to come across this issue. Make sure you are concise with your description, otherwise it can be considered as unable to be replicated.

Third: If you crashed, submit a crash report. Use a pastebin website to upload the text in the crash report, or submit a Gist on Github and link it to the issue. DO NOT SUBMIT THE WHOLE CRASH LOG ONTO THE TICKET.

If you have a suggestion for the mod that will improve the gameplay, submit it as an issue. It will be tagged as an enhancement and may be implemented whenever possible, but don't be over the top or spam several minor suggestions. If you are unsure if you want to submit a suggestion, talk to others on the Discord channel and see how they feel.

The mod crashed, but the crash log looks weird[edit]

Sometimes, Minecraft crashes, but it is instant and does not appear like a normal crash log, you may have encountered a Java crash. If that is the case, follow these steps:

  1. Install the latest Java. If your version is outdated, you may encounter issues.
  2. Make sure it is set to the latest Java in the launcher. The launcher has a tenancy to not use the latest Java, and you may need to manually set the latest Java.
  3. Use MultiMC. Sometimes, the default Minecraft launcher just isn't good enough. You may need to install MultiMC, which you can set the version of Java yourself.
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