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Why is this mod so laggy?[edit]

This mod has higher performance requirements than regular minecraft. It's just a matter of complexity. The mod places more blocks during terrain generation. There are larger trees, and generally more things, on average than most of regular minecraft. Then, more complex scenes take longer to run lighting calculations on and longer to render.

You may try changing the graphics mode to fast, as this will result in fewer leaf blocks being rendered. Lowering your visibility settings may also improve performance.

Is this mod compatible with the DivineRPG mod?[edit]

Yes, but you need to change the dimension ID that this mod uses in the config file.

Why do I see biomes from this mod in the normal world?[edit]

The most common cause of this issue is a biome ID conflict with the Forgotten Nature mod or the Biomes O' Plenty mod. The biome IDs for this mod are configurable in the config file. Biome IDs can go up to 254.

Can I put this mod in my mod pack? What is your mod pack policy?[edit]

Yes, you can put this mod in any mod pack as long as the following conditions are met:

  1. Provide a link to the minecraftforums.net post about the Twilight Forest mod
  2. Properly credit the author
  3. Do not make money off the mod pack
  4. Remove the mod from the mod pack if requested to do so by the author

When I died, I respawned on top of a bunch of trees! And/or, nowhere near my portal back to the real world! That's a bug, right?[edit]

When you die and respawn in Twilight Forest, just like in standard Minecraft, you respawn at the "spawn point", a position within a few hundred blocks of (0,0). MC tries to spawn you at the first suitable point above sea level at that spawn point - and invariably in Twilight Forest (as it is a forest, after all), that first suitable point is on top of one of the trees. This also may or may not be anywhere near your portal to the standard Minecraft world, as it depends entirely on where the portal was placed in relation to the spawn point. The easy solution is to make your portal to the Twilight Forest near your spawn point; this way, if you die without a new spawn point set, you are in "explored" territory near your return portal. You can also build a bed in Twilight Forest and sleep there to explicitly set your spawn point (although it's harder in TF to tell when it's night and thus when you can sleep).