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The Frosted effect is an effect endemic to the Twilight Forest. This effect is akin to the Slowness potion effect, however it also renders small Ice blocks on the player's model, and is light blue in colour.

Frosted can be afflicted by a variety of icy weapons, creatures, and even the environment. Weapons such as the Ice Sword, Ice Bow, and Ice Bomb's area of effect deal the Frosted effect on dealing damage to the target. Mobs such as the Winter Wolf and Snow Queen's ice breath attacks, and the Alpha Yeti's ice bomb attack also deal the Frosted effect on contact with these attacks. The Snowy Forest and Glacier will also be under a raging blizzard if locked, and attempting to enter these areas without defeating the Twilight Lich will result in being afflicted with the effect, albeit without damage.

The Frosted effect is like a potion effect, however there is no way to brew this effect, and by that technicality there is no Tipped Arrow recipe for it.

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