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Giants live on solid cloudbanks above the Highlands biome. For unknown reasons (Sorcery? Coincidence? Symbolism?) they look like giant versions of the player looking at them. Although at their size they appear to move slowly, they actually move fairly fast compared to most creatures. Giants are aggressive towards players they spot, although relative to their size, their sensory range is fairly small. They are difficult to fight with melee weapons, and are better engaged with ranged attacks.

Giant Miner[edit]

Giant Miner
Miner Giant.png
Type Boss
Health Points 80 (HeartFull.png x 40)
Attack Strength 2 (HeartFull.png)
Drops Giant's Pickaxe
ID giant_miner

The Giant Miner is one of the two Giants that spawn. This Giant wields a Giant's Pickaxe and wears no armor. Adventurers target this Giant so they can break the Obsidian Vault in the Troll Caves.

Armored Giant[edit]

Armored Giant
Armor Giant.png
Type Boss
Health Points 80 (HeartFull.png x 40)
Attack Strength 5 (HeartFull.pngHeartFull.pngHeartHalf.png)
Drops Giant's Sword
ID armored_giant

The Armored Giant is one of the two Giants that spawn. This Giant wields a Giant's Sword and wears Iron Armor. Adventurers are warned that this Giant is stronger than it's counterpart.


Giants, unlike most of the bosses, has no health bar or a dedicated trophy. Along with this, Giants spawn naturally for as long as the Cloud Cottage is intact. Because of this, Adventurers must be cautious when taking of Giants so they do not get trapped.

Giant Miners are weaker than their counterpart, both in attack and defence. Because of this, these types of Giants can be left to last in order to make the battle easier. Alternatively, one could slay one of these and escape with their Pickaxe, assuming they don't get caught by other Giants.

Armored Giants are much tougher than their counterpart, wearing Iron Armor and wielding a Giant's Sword. Caution must be exercised against these Giants as they are harder to take down and could easily kill an unsuspecting adventurer. One should be equipped with a Bow to take on an Armored Giant.

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