Giant Cobblestone

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Giant Cobblestone
Giant Cobblestone.png
Transparency No
Luminance None
Blast Resistance 1920
Tool Pickaxe
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes
Flammable no
ID giant_cobblestone
ID (1.13+) giant_cobblestone

Giant Cobblestone looks like a much larger cobblestone block. It is the size of 64 normal cobblestone blocks in a 4x4x4 formation. It can be harvested with any tool, but it takes 64 times as long as normal cobblestone.

The Giant's Pickaxe harvests giant cobblestone at a normal rate. Using the Giant's Pickaxe to harvest a 4x4x4, correctly-aligned block of stone or cobblestone will produce a single block of this giant cobblestone.

Giant Cobblestone can be used to craft Giant Tools or 64 blocks of Cobblestone.


Giant Cobblestone


Version Details
2.3.0 Added Giant Cobblestone.
2.3.5 If a part of Giant Cobblestone is broken, the whole grid will self-destruct.
3.4.239 Fixed an exploit with Giant Cobblestone that could make it break unbreakable blocks and physics.
3.6.324 Placing Giant Cobblestone on a Snow Layer will no longer crash the client.

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