Goblin Knight

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The Goblin Knight is not only a single enemy, but two goblins stacking up together. Attacking the behind of a Goblin Knight removes the armor, revealing the two stacked Goblins

Goblin Knight (Upper)[edit]

Goblin Knight (Upper)
Goblin Knight Upper.png
Type Hostile
Health Points 30 (HeartFull.png x 15)
Attack Strength 2 (HeartFull.png)
Drops Armor Shard (0-2)
ID goblin_knight_upper

The upper-half of the Goblin Knight has more health than the lower-half. This half wears a helmet and holds a shield and spear. The shield protects the front of the Goblin Knight and negates any damage. The shield can be destroyed by defeating the lower-half of the Goblin Knight first or attacking the shield-side of the upper-half of the Goblin Knight. Slaying the upper Goblin Knight leaves the lower Goblin Knight vulnerable.

Goblin Knight (Lower)[edit]

Goblin Knight (Bottom)
Goblin Knight Lower.png
Type Hostile
Health Points 20 (HeartFull.png x 10)
Attack Strength 2 (HeartFull.png)
Drops Armor Shard (0-2)
ID goblin_knight_lower

The lower-half of the Goblin Knight has less health the the upper-half. This half only controls the movement of the Goblin Knight, and if the upper-half is slain, will begin to attack. Slaying the lower Goblin Knight leaves the upper Goblin Knight behind, only wielding a spear and losing it's shield.

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