Ore Meter

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Ore Meter
Grid Ore Meter.png
Type Utility
Durability N/A
Renewable No
Stackable No
ID ore_meter

This article has information about an unimplemented feature

Information will change, whether it will be altered, added or removed. Proceed with caution

The Ore Meter is a currently unobtainable item that measures the quantity of ores in an area of chunks with radius 3 around the player's current chunk. The player's current chunk is determined by dividing the X and Z coordinates of the player by 16 and rounding down; for example, -1210, 530 would be a location inside chunk -76, 33. The Ore Meter then searches a circular area with a radius of 3 around that chunk, going 3 chunks out in each of the cardinal directions, taking that area, measuring the quantity of ore blocks, and outputting the results to the player's chat window. As with the OV Scanner, the Ore Meter's first number outputted is not the quantity of blocks but the "value" of the blocks, where blocks closer to the player have a higher value; for example, approaching a vein of Coal appears to make the "value" for coal go higher. The second value is the percentage of the given ore in the ground around the player.


Version Details
1.11.4 Added Ore Meter. Marked as WIP.
1.17.4 Fixed some bugs with the Ore Meter.

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