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Pickaxes are a useful tool in mining Stone and ores, and a staple in cave exploration. The Twilight Forest adds a number of pickaxes, each with their own unique trait to them.

Ironwood Pick[edit]

Ironwood Pick
Ironwood Pick.png
Type Tool
Durability 512
Renewable No
Stackable No
ID ironwood_pickaxe

The Ironwood Pick is a tool made from Ironwood Ingots. When crafted, Ironwood Pickaxes have the Efficiency I skill automatically enchanted. When used as a weapon, it has an attack damage of 4, similar to a Wooden Sword.

Steeleaf Pick[edit]

Steeleaf Pick
Steeleaf Pick.png
Type Tool
Durability 131
Renewable No
Stackable No
ID steeleaf_pickaxe

The Steeleaf Pick is a tool made from Steeleaf. When crafted, Steeleaf Pickaxes have the Fortune II skill automatically enchanted. When used as a weapon, it has an attack damage of 5, similar to a Stone Sword.

Fiery Pick[edit]

Fiery Pick
Fiery Pick.png
Type Tool
Durability 1024
Renewable No
Stackable No
ID fiery_pickaxe

The Fiery Pick is a tool made from Fiery Ingots. The Fiery Pickaxe does not come automatically enchanted when crafted, but has an innate ability of auto-smelting and setting fire to targets. When used as a weapon, it has an attack damage of 6, similar to an Iron Sword.

Giant's Pickaxe[edit]

Giant's Pickaxe
Stone Pickaxe.png
Type Tool
Durability 1024
Renewable Yes
Stackable No
ID giant_pickaxe

The Giant's Pickaxe is a tool that is dropped by Giants. The Giant's Pickaxe can be crafted, but is not automatically enchanted. However, the Giant's Pickaxe has the ability to break blocks in a 4x4x4 cube. If a 4x4x4 cube of stone is broken, instead of dropping 64 cobblestone, a piece of Giant Cobblestone drops instead. Users are warned that the durability of the Pickaxe depletes for every block broken (eg. If 4 blocks are broken by the Pickaxe, durability falls by 4). Reach distance is also longer than a regular Pickaxe. When use as a weapon, it has an attack damage of 10, but the slow attack speed of 0.5


Version Details
1.10.0 Added Ironwood Pick.
1.11.11 Added Steeleaf Pick.
1.11.9 Added Fiery Pick.
1.15.4 Fixed Fiery Pick unable to harvest Obsidian.
1.20.2 Altered Fiery Pick's harvesting, fixing a problem with Silk Touch.
2.3.0 Added Giant's Pickaxe.

Changed rendering effect of Fiery Pick.

2.3.4 Fixed rare crash with Giant's Pickaxe.
3.8.654 Fiery Pick now drops multiple smelted items if multiple items are dropped on mining.

Giant's Pickaxe now has a longer reach.

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