Questing Ram

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Questing Ram
Twilight Forest Quest Ram.png
Type Special/Boss
Health Points 70 (HeartFull.png x 35)
Attack Strength 0
Drops Iron Block

Gold Block
Diamond Block
Lapis Lazuli Block
Emerald Block
Crumble Horn
Questing Ram Trophy
(Rewarded on completion)

ID quest_ram

The Questing Ram is a very rare and special mob that spawns in a Quest Grove. It appears as a large ram with glowing stripes on its body. Questing Rams are very valuable as when they are fed one of each of the 16 colors of Wool, it will return to the player valuable treasure. Questing Rams are also very valuable because they spawn only in Quest Groves, which are found only in the Enchanted Forest, a forest rare in and of itself, in which Quest Groves have only a chance to spawn. If you find a Quest Grove, but no Questing Ram, wait patiently in the Quest Grove, and one will spawn.

The Quest[edit]

Wool can be fed either by right-clicking the Questing Ram with wool in hand or by dropping the wool in front of the Questing Ram, subsequent to which the Questing Ram will "eat" the wool entity. The Quest Grove also contains a Dispenser with assorted wool colors, which can be utilized if not enough wool is on hand when the player finds the Grove.

Each time a piece of wool is fed to the Questing Ram, potion particles with the same color as the wool that was given will surround the Questing Ram for a second or two. Wool colors can be fed directly subsequent to one another without waiting for the potion particles to subside. When wool is fed to the Questing Ram, it will gain a new stripe corresponding to the color of wool that has been fed on its coat. This stripe will also elongate the Quest Ram's mesh by one pixel per stripe, causing a completed Quest Ram to be much longer than an uncompleted one.


Once the Questing Ram's "quest" has been completed (the Questing Ram has received one of each color of wool and all the stripes have been acquired on his coat), the Questing Ram will reward the player with Blocks of Iron, Gold, Diamond, Lapis Lazuli, Redstone, and Emerald, and will also grant a Crumble Horn and Questing Ram Trophy. The Questing Ram will retain his stripes and the memory of the Quest's completion. The Questing Ram will not die subsequent to quest completion, but the Questing Ram also will not allow the player to "complete the quest" more than once with the same Questing Ram, thus disallowing infinite generation of vanilla materials.

If the mod Immersive Engineering is installed, completing the quest will also yield a Twilit Twilight Shader Grabbag and Twilit Shader: Questing Ram.

One must be warned, however, that killing the Questing Ram will yield nothing. If the Questing Ram is killed before completing the quest, you will never get the treasure obtainable from it.


Unlike the other structures in the Twilight Forest, the Questing Ram does not have any prerequisites and is not a requisite to the other structures. This means the Questing Ram can be visited anytime, either at the start of the adventure or at the very end.


Version Details
1.11.0 Added Questing Ram.
1.11.10 Removed WIP tag from the Questing Ram.
1.15.4 Fixed sounds with Questing Ram.
1.17.1 Gave the Questing Ram more health. Makes it less susceptible to accidental death.
2.2.0 Fixed a sound error with the Questing Ram.
3.2.155 Questing Ram now drops a Questing Ram Trophy on completion.
3.3.202 The Questing Ram now has a Spawn Egg.
3.8.654 If the mod Immersive Engineering is installed, completing the quest will also yield a Twilit Twilight Shader Grabbag and Twilit Shader: Questing Ram.

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