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Shovels are a tool used to dig up dirt and other similar blocks. There are only two Shovels in the Twilight Forest and they all have attack speed of 1.

Ironwood Shovel[edit]

Ironwood Shovel
Ironwood Shovel Item.png
Type Tool
Durability 512
Renewable No
Stackable No
ID ironwood_shovel

The Ironwood Shovel is a tool made from Ironwood Ingots. When crafted, Ironwood Shovels come with the Unbreaking I enchantment. If used as a weapon, the Ironwood Shovel has an attack damage of 4.5, stronger than a Wooden Sword but weaker than a Stone Sword.

Steeleaf Shovel[edit]

Steeleaf Shovel
Steeleaf Shovel.png
Type Tool
Durability 131
Renewable No
Stackable No
ID steeleaf_shovel

The Steeleaf Shovel is a tool made from Steeleaf. When crafted, Steeleaf Shovels come wit the Efficiency II enchantment. If used as a weapon, the Steeleaf Shovel has an attack damage of 5.5, stronger than a Stone Sword but weaker than an Iron Sword.

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