Skeletal Druid

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Skeletal Druid
Skeletal druid.png
Type Hostile
Health Points 20 (HeartFull.png x 10)
Attack Strength 4 (HeartFull.pngHeartFull.png) + poison
Drops Bones (0-2)

Torchberries (0-2)
Golden Hoe (0-1)

ID skeleton_druid

All that remains of an ancient order, the Skeletal Druids of the Twilight Forest seem harnessed to spawners inside Druid Huts, but it is possible to meet one in the Dark Forest riding a King Spider. They attack with glittering spells that poison living creatures, and occasionally turn the blocks they hit into leaves. They may also apply a Bonemeal effect on grass, sprouting tall grass.

Killing a Skeletal Druid often yields Bones and Torchberries and occasionally, their Golden Hoe. Skeleton Druids are like normal Skeletons, and they can burn in direct sunlight, but due to the darkness in the Twilight Forest, they will not burn there.

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