Snow Queen

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The Snow Queen is found in a ice-encrusted room near the top of the Aurora Palace. She is perhaps the most human-like creature encountered in the Twilight Forest, resembling a woman, but with large violet eyes and pale blue skin. She is immediately hostile towards any intruders in her vicinity, launching quickly into one of three main attack patterns.

The Snow Queen rarely walks, instead flying on a saucer-shaped sled of magical ice blocks. The sled serves a powerful defense, both moving the queen up and out of range of close-range attacks, while blocking any ranged attacks made from below. To successfully attack the Snow Queen, you must anticipate her movements, attacking only when she moves close enough that you can get around the ice sled.

Her usual first attack is to test the mettle of intruders by summoning a half dozen giant animated snowflakes. The snowflakes move slowly towards their target, harming on contact. They are individually less threatening than a zombie, but in groups can often overwhelm attackers.

If her snowflakes fall, the Snow Queen tries a slightly more direct form of attack, using her flying sled as a weapon. She moves to a position above her target, and then slams the sled downwards, usually breaking through a floor level or two in the process. She may try this attack several times in a row.

Her third form of attack, reserved for only worthy opponents, is ice magic. She flies low enough to be on the same level as an opponent, and then launches a spray of damaging snowflakes ahead of her. While her low flight pattern presents many opportunities to attack, be careful, as the ice magic is extremely damaging.

The Snow Queen has few treasures, dropping either the Triple Bow or the Seeker Bow as well as a trophy.


While using the progression system, the entire glacier is protected by an ice storm, while the Aurora Palace and monsters are protected by magic. Players must defeat the Alpha Yeti to surpass this protection.

Players claiming victory over the Snow Queen will end the toxic rainstorm over the Highlands, allowing access to the Troll Caves.