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About The Twilight Forest Wiki

The Twilight Forest Wiki is a website dedicated to documenting information about The Twilight Forest Mod in the form of a Wikipedia database. The Twilight Forest Mod was first published back in 2011 by Benimatic on the Minecraft Forums, and later picked up by Team Twilight as of 2017. This Wiki itself was created in 2014 as documentation and a guide for the mod due to it's sheer scale and size.

All content, excluding any protected pages, can be freely edited by the community, for as long as they abide by simple guidelines. This Wiki is about a collaborative effort in creating in-depth information to help out other users who may be confused or curious about the Mod's features. If information needs editing and the page is protected, contact an Administrator to make changes to said page.

Help and Support

There are two Administrators that patrol and maintain this Wikipedia. Benimatic, the creator of the Mod and the Wiki, controls all of the Wiki. However, due to outside requirements, Benimatic is mostly inactive and may not respond to any messages directed to them. The second Administrator, Androsa, is more frequent on this Wiki and is currently patrolling Recent Changes. Joining in 2017, Androsa cleaned up the layout of the Wiki and maintains any activity that is made. Any questions about the Wiki should be directed to them if required.

There are numerous other users on this Wiki that can collaborate with other users. They may edit, create or move pages, depending on the circumstances and as long as it is relevant to the Twilight Forest. If a page needs protection or deletion, a user must contact an Administrator, mark it for deletion if the page must be removed, or an Administrator will find the perpetrating page and modify it as required.

Further Information may be found in Privacy Policy or Disclaimers.