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Going to make this short and sweet. As version 2.3.8 of Twilight Forest is dawning, editing on this wiki is necessary. Well... that's no longer true, because 3.0.0 is out (boi).

As some existing pages have no details or need editing, I will search each page and fix those details.

Guess what? I have too much power, so I'll reskin this whole wiki in the time to come. Try to not use too much colour. If it is needed, I'll probably change it

While you are here, why don't you join the Twilight Forest Discord? We have dev builds so you can play an updated version of the mod early. I'm not a moderator Well, I might be, but I don't control the server. As a matter of fact, direct any Wiki questions to me, either on Discord or my Discussion page above, since it is my assigned role.

To Do List[edit]

  • There is nothing left to do...

How to Contribute[edit]

This quick guide shall show how pages are met to standards (that may or may not exist)

Creating a Page[edit]

There are templates that serve as Infoboxes. Depending on the page, you will need:

The usage guide fore each template is included briefly. Delete the line to default it

Sometimes a page will need several infoboxes. If that is the case, use Template:- to do a full page break. Use sparingly

Then, the page needs a Navigation Pane. This will depend on what the page is about:

That's the basic setup for each page.

Short Page/Missing Images[edit]

Tag it with Template:Stub for pages that are missing images, needs more info, or everything in general. Do not include Missing Infobox Images

No Infobox Images[edit]

Tag it with Template:? to indicate the missing image in the Infobox. Another contributor will come along and fix later.


These pages must be tagged with Template:NYI. These pages may be subject to change, deletion or moving. If it is removed from WIP stage, tag it with Stub if incomplete, Delete if it is removed, or move the page to a new title.

Misspelt Title/Different Name[edit]

Move the page to the appropriate title. This will redirect the old title link to the new one.

Unrelated to Twilight Forest[edit]

Tag it with Delete. Along with this, orphan the page (remove all links) so that it's difficult to access.