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Glass Sword.png
Type The Unicorn Wizard
Durability Immortal
Renewable No
Stackable If you'd like
ID squiggly_androsa

Version Details
9.9.9 Became a Unicorn Wizard."
9.99.9 It's Sunday.

Game of Thrones is on.

Item Stack size Chance Weight Notes
Test A 16 100% - Dropped for the killer.
Test C 1 100% - Bound to the player it dropped for.
Only dropped if relics are enabled.
Test D 1-3 10% 7
Test E 1 3 Weight increased by 1 for each level of Luck.
Test F 1 100% 1
Test G 1 1
Test H 1 1
Test I 1 1
Test J 1 1
Test K 1 1
Test R 1 44% 14
Test S 1 15
Test T 1 15