Yeti Lair

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Yeti Lair
Biome Snowy Forest
Consists of Packed Ice


Boss Alpha Yeti
Map Icon YetiLair.png
ID yeti_lairs

Nestled among the hills and fir trees of the Snowy Forest, the Yeti Lair appears as a square-shaped hill. Four entrances allow access to the ice-covered insides. Sheltered in the lair, you may find dozens or even hundreds of Yetis and one Alpha Yeti.


While using the Progression system, the Snowy Forest will be under the effects of a perpetual blizzard. The lair and monsters inside will be magically protected while the blizzard is in effect. The blizzard lets up after the player defeats the Ur-ghast.

Vanquishing the Alpha Yeti and harvesting some of his fur will allow the player to access the Glacier and the Aurora Palace on the Glacier.

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