Zombie Summoning Scepter

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Don't let the Lich hog all the Zombies! Summon your own with this scepter. Zombies summoned are extra-strong, extra-fast, immune to sunlight, and instantly ready to attack your enemies. Summoned Zombies will follow you, attack things you attack, things that are attacking you, or even things that are thinking about attacking you. All that running, thinking and mind-reading wears the Zombies out pretty quickly, so summoned zombies will self-immolate after about a minute.

Twilight Forest Summoned Zombies.png

The Zombie Scepter doesn't hold that many Zombies, but it can be recharged. Craft an empty scepter with a chunk of Rotten Flesh and a Potion of Strength to recharge it.

Grid Zombie Scepter.png