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The Charm of Keeping is a small item resembling a lock. When the player dies, the charm will activate and attempt to preserve a portion of the player's inventory and give it to the player once they respawn. The charm is consumed in this process. There are three varieties of Charm of Keeping.

Charm of Keeping I[edit]

Charm of Keeping I
Grid Charm of Keeping I.png
Type Utility
Durability 1
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes
ID charm_of_keeping_1

The level I charm is bronze and will keep the player's armor and currently selected item. It can be found in some treasure chests, or as a rare drop from Maze Slimes.


Charm II Crafting.png

Charm of Keeping II[edit]

Charm of Keeping II
Grid Charm of Keeping II.png
Type Utility
Durability 1
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes
ID charm_of_keeping_2

The level II charm is silver and will keep the player's armor and full hotbar. This item can be crafted from four Charm of Keeping I.


Charm III Crafting.png

Charm of Keeping III[edit]

Charm of Keeping III
Grid Charm of Keeping III.png
Type Utility
Durability 1
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes
ID charm_of_keeping_3

The level III charm is gold and will keep a player's entire inventory. This item can be crafted from four Charm of Keeping II.

Important Note[edit]

For technical reasons, there is some risk in using the charms. The items are removed from the world when you die, but they are not kept permanently. You must click "Respawn" after you die for the charm to work. If you logout or exit to the menu from the death screen, the game will attempt to drop the items where you died. If you quit the game (or it crashes), the items will be lost permanently. In addition, if used together with any Gravestone mods, there is a significant chance that all items that do not carry over will be permanently lost, however as of Version 3.3.202, this is no longer the case, with the Charm initiating before most Gravestone mods activate.

Always click "Respawn" when you are carrying a Charm of Keeping.


Version Details
1.12.1 Began work on Charm of Keeping.
1.12.3 Charm of Keeping I, II and III effects implemented, but is missing textures.

Added crafting recipes to make Charm of Keeping II and III.

1.13.0 Fixed bad ID conflict for Charm of Keeping I in the config.

Added item textures for Charm of Keeping I, II, III.

1.20.2 Fixed a conflict with Ars Magica's souldbound enchantment.
3.3.202 Charm of Keeping now triggers first before any other death event.
3.4.239 Charm of Keeping no longer conflicts with Charm of Life for priority.
3.7.424 If the mod Baubles is present, Charm of Keeping can be placed in any Bauble slot.

All tiers of Charm of Keeping now preserve the off-hand.

If any item is added to the inventory after respawning, Charm of Keeping will drop the item that will be overwritten.

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