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The Charm of Life is a small, heart-shaped item found as treasure. When a player carrying one of these charms would normally take lethal damage, the charm will activate, preventing the damage, healing the player, and consuming the charm. The charm comes in two varieties.

Charm of Life I[edit]

Charm of Life I
Grid Charm of Life I.png
Type Utility
Durability 1
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes
ID charm_of_life_1

The Charm of Life I will heal the player back to 4 hearts, and bestow Regeneration I for the next 10 seconds. Charm of Life I can be found in medium and large Hollow Hills, Leaf Dungeons, Lich Towers, Goblin Knight Strongholds, Dark Towers and Aurora Palaces.


Life II Crafting.png

Charm of Life II[edit]

Charm of Life II
Grid Charm of Life II.png
Type Utility
Durability 1
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes
ID charm_of_life_2

The Charm of Life II will heal the player fully, and activate Regeneration IV, Resistance and Fire Resistance for the next 30 seconds. You can combine four Charm of Life I to produce a Charm of Life II.


Version Details
1.12.3 Added Charm of Life I and II.
1.13.0 Drew icons for Charm of Life I and II.
1.13.1 Added special effects on activation.
1.16.1 Fixed overflow damage killing the player after restoring health.

Fixed rendering effects on activation.

3.3.202 Fixed rendering of effects again.
3.4.239 Sorted out priorities between Charm of Keeping and Charm of Life.
3.7.424 Added Baubles integration. Charm of Life I and II can be worn in all Bauble slots.

Charm of Life I and II now use the correct sprite with activation effects.

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