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Twilight Forest Cicada.png
Transparency Yes
Luminance None
Blast Resistance 0
Tool No tool needed
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes
Flammable No
ID cicada

Similar to the Firefly, the Cicada is a block commonly found on Twilight Oak Trees. When Cicadas make their fairly loud noises every so often, they create a green-colored musical note sprites identical to those created by a Note Block. Cicadas can be picked up, but serves no in-game purpose and merely irritates the player with the sounds that it makes. Cicadas can be silenced through the configuration options. For decorative purposes, Cicada can be worn in the Helm slot, though it does not emit noise, but why would someone want that?


Version Details
1.0 Added Cicada.
1.3 Fixed a bug where Cicada won't drop if the block it is on is broken.
1.10.0 Gave Cicada it's own block ID. This will allow for more critters to be added in later releases.
1.11.0 Split block IDs again due to a TileEntity bug.
1.13.1 Added a config option for silent Cicadas. This can be used for those with problematic sound libraries or were simply annoyed.
1.15.3 Changed how Cicada dropped itself from ItemBlockTFMeta to ItemBlock.
3.0.0 Cicada can be worn in the Helm slot for decorative purposes.
3.3.202 If the Cicada takes damage while in the Helm slot, it squelches and dies, turning into Gray Dye.
3.6.324 Optimized Cicada. They will now no longer consume precious server ticks.

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