Firefly Jar

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Firefly Jar
Firefly Jar.png
Transparency Yes
Luminance 15
Blast Resistance 0
Tool No tool needed
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes
Flammable no
ID firefly_jar

The Firefly Jar is a glass jar with a firefly inside which produces light when placed. It can be crafted by combining a Firefly and a Glass Bottle in a crafting bench. Great for decoration.

Firefly Jars can be seen decorating Firefly Forests, dangling from trees.


Version Details
1.7.2 Added Firefly Jar.
1.10.0 Moved Firefly Jar into the "complex" block meta.
1.11.4 Split Firefly Jar from the "complex" block meta into it's own block.
1.12.3 Fixed the Firefly Jar renderer.
2.3.3 Increased luminance of the Firefly Jar.
3.4.239 Decreased particle size of firefly to 0, fixing the odd hitboxes with the Firefly Jar.
3.5.263 Due to a previous fix, the firefly particles did not work. This has been fixed.

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