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Better Twilight Forest Lich.png
Type Boss
Health Points 100 (HeartFull.png x 50)
Attack Strength (Ender pearl) 6 (HeartFull.pngHeartFull.pngHeartFull.png)

(Fireball) 1-10 (HeartFull.png-HeartFull.pngHeartFull.pngHeartFull.pngHeartFull.pngHeartFull.png)

Drops Zombie Scepter

Scepter of Life Draining
Scepter of Twilight
(Only drops one scepter)
Gold Sword (Randomly Enchanted)
Gold Helmet (Randomly Enchanted)
Gold Chestplate (Randomly Enchanted)
Gold Leggings (Randomly Enchanted)
Gold Boots (Randomly Enchanted)
Ender Pearl (1-4)
Bone (5-9)
Lich Trophy (1)

ID lich

The Lich resides on the top of a Lich Tower. It appears as a tall humanoid skeleton wearing a purple cape, and a large golden crown.


This former wizard retains a wide variety of attacks, which it deploys in three basic phases.

Phase 1[edit]

In the first phase, the Lich summons shadowy, invincible duplicates. The Lich itself is protected by a rotating ring of shields. Both the Lich and the duplicates fire blue-green projectiles that look like ender pearls. Quick-thinking adventurers report that the projectiles can be deflected with a properly-timed swing, similar to a Ghast's fireballs. During the first phase, the Lich can be seen holding a Twilight Scepter. Every time the player reflects the Lich's projectiles back at it, it will remove one of its shields. Adventurers are warned not to deflect projectiles if they are fireballs, as they explode on touch.

Phase 2[edit]

The second phase begins when the Lich's shields are depleted, allowing the player to deal damage to the Lich. In the second phase, The Lich switches to holding a Zombie Summoning Scepter, and uses it to to summon an army of Zombies to attack the player. Lucky adventurers have slain a Lich in this phase, though inexperienced adventurers may not slay a Lich during this phase.

Phase 3[edit]

In the third phase, when the Lich runs out of zombies to summon, it attacks the player hand-to-hand with a golden sword. Adventurers are warned that the Lich may look old and just a pile of bones, but he is agile, and a single mistake could spell disaster.


The Lich drops a number of items when defeated. First, there is a strange array of golden armor and a golden sword, all strongly enchanted with seemingly random effects. Be warned, however, that the armor may be cursed. Second, the Lich drops exactly one scepter, either the Twilight Scepter, the Life Draining Scepter, or the Zombie Summoning Scepter. There is, in extremely rare occasions, a chance that the Lich may drop two of the scepters. Finally, the Lich drops around 1-4 Ender Pearls, several Bones, and the highly decorative Lich Trophy.

For those with the mod Immersive Engineering installed, the Lich will also drop one Epic Shader Grabbag.


When using the Progression system, the Lich Tower will be surrounded by a glowing green field. Blocks and monsters inside the tower proper will be protected. Killing the Naga and picking up one of his Naga Scales will dispel the protection.

Defeating the Lich and picking up one of his magical scepters will remove the protection on the Swamp, Dark Forest, and Snowy Forest, allowing access to the Labyrinth, Goblin Knight Stronghold and Yeti Lair.

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