Peacock Feather Fan

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The Peacock Feather Fan is a unique item in the Twilight Forest that is found occasionally as treasure in medium or large Hollow Hills. When the Peacock Feather Fan is used, entities in front of the player will be pushed backwards. This applies to mobs, both hostile, passive and friendly, dropped items and blocks, and even the player. Additionally, the strong winds from the fan may uproot flowers and grasses. If the player is running and then jumps while simultaneously using the Peacock Feather Fan, a high-jump effect is produced. This can be used as a getaway tactic, although it is a better idea to use the Peacock Feather Fan to push enemies back, as getting the jump effect to work can be quite tricky and does not function properly in a consistent manner.

Due to the nature of the Peacock Feather Fan, using it should be restricted to when the player is surrounded by hostile mobs, as it will push them a fair distance away, allowing the player to prepare for more battle or make a hasty retreat.

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