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Since version 2.1.0, the Twilight Forest mod has a system in place designed to set your adventures in the dimension along a path. The various boss-centered towers and dungeons are set in an order, and finishing one step will unlock the next step. One can check their progression using the Advancements screen.

Off the Path

As a note, not every adventure area in the dimension is tied into the progression system. The Hedge Maze, the Hollow Hills, the Quest Grove, and the various single-room caches and areas are all not part of the progression system. That means that these areas can be tackled whenever they are located, open-world adventure style. Alternatively, one can disable progression by setting the TFEnforcedProgression gamerule to false.

Progression Effects

Straying from the path laid out in the progression system may have several effects designed to keep adventurers away. Adventurers that dwell off the progression path will feel their ill effects.

Area Protection

The main effect is that dungeons or other adventure areas not currently unlocked will be protected. Blocks in protected areas will be unbreakable, chests will be locked closed, and monsters will not take damage.

Biome Protection

In addition to the area protection, the whole biome around a progression area may be protected. Protected biomes have a prominent weather effect that covers the entire biome. There may also be various negative effects, such as conditions or damage that affect players sneaking into protected biomes.

The Adventure Begins

The very first steps in the progression system begin with creating a portal and entering the Twilight Forest. From there, you will want to establish your footing in the forest, perhaps creating a temporary base. While you may be able to find some of the towers and dungeons without any help, creating a Magic Map can point you in the right direction.

Forest Bosses

The first few bosses can be found randomly in the forest. There may be more than one of these bosses on a single map, and killing more than one won't hurt your progression.

Boss structures are typically at the center of a biome. If you've created a Magic Map it may be more likely to find these bosses towards the center of the map.

The Naga

The Naga can be found in a courtyard adorned with a snake motif. There are very few obstacles in the Courtyard, and the Naga can just as easily break them down.

Killing the Naga and touching one of his magical scales will allow you to enter the next area.

The Twilight Lich

The Twilight Lich can be found inside his Lich Tower, a large compound with multiple branching towers found in the forest. The Tower is protected by a spell that prevents breaking blocks and harming enemies. The only way in is to defeat the Naga.

Killing the Lich and obtaining one of his magical scepters will open up three areas to explore next: The Swamp, The Dark Forest and The Snow Forest.

Swamp Adventures

The next phase of your adventures takes place in the Swamp. The swamp is infested with a haze of mosquitoes, and you will have to have defeated the Lich in order to resist the swamp sickness.

The Labyrinth

There are several Labyrinths buried under the swamp. You may locate a natural entrance through a chasm or cave, or you may find the entrance in a small mound. There is more information on the Labyrinth page. Your goal is to find and slay the Minoshroom.

Killing the Minoshroom, and eating some of his Meef Stroganoff will allow you to enter the Fire Swamp without being burnt.

The Hydra

The fearsome Hydra is found in a converted Hollow Hill in the middle of the Fire Swamp. There is no maze or dungeon to navigate, as the hydra does not need any protection from intruders. Good luck! If you survive, make contact with the Hydra's Fiery Blood and the Swamp phase of the adventure will be complete.

The Dark Forest

As if this area wasn't dark and confusing enough, a curse will severely limit the vision of any unprepared adventurer. Killing the Lich will render an adventurer immune to this curse. The Dark Forest is dangerous, but your first task is to locate the ruins of a Twilight Knight Stronghold.

Twilight Knight Stronghold

Beneath the Dark Forest (and sometimes the surrounding areas) lay the fallen Strongholds of the Twilight Knights. The lower levels of the strongholds are completely sealed, and before you enter, you will have to complete a small initiation ceremony. You will have to find a specific room in the upper ruins of the stronghold. The room contains a Trophy Pedestal and a shallow pit blocked by Stronghold Shields. Placing a trophy from one of the previous bosses on the pedestal will remove the shield and allow access to the lower levels.

Once inside the main part of the stronghold, you will eventually have to find the Knight Phantoms to proceed. Sending the phantoms to their final rest will make the strange devices of the Dark Tower obey you.

Dark Forest Tower

The Dark Tower is found in a small clearing in the center of the dark forest. The center area has reddish, autumnal leaves and faded grass. The Dark Tower is the site of many eldritch experiments. The Ur-Ghast has taken over the top of the tower and must be vanquished to complete the Dark Forest phase of the adventure.

Snow Forest and Glacier

The Snow Forests are protected by the semi-benign Yetis and the fearsome Winter Wolves. If you are not prepared, the extreme cold of the area will slow you down. Adventurers who have vanquished the Lich will not have to worry about this effect.

Yeti Lair

These somewhat square-shaped hills are placed near the center of the snow forest regions. There are four natural entrances. Inside, you may find a pack of yetis, lorded over by the massive Alpha Yeti. Defeating the Alpha Yeti in combat, and claiming some of his downy fur will make the Glacier available to you.

Aurora Palace

This colorful tower sits roughly in the center of the Glacier. A variety of icy creatures dwell within the tower, while the Snow Queen awaits in a frost-covered room near the top. She is protected by a shield of ice and will attack with a barrage of icy attacks or charge into the adventurer. Defeating the Snow Queen in combat will complete the Snow Forest phase of the adventure.

Highlands and the Final Summit

When the adventurer has defeated the Hydra, Ur-Ghast and Snow Queen, the acid rain that surrounds the Highlands will dissipate. While the scenery is nice, you have presumably come here to fight monsters and claim treasure. You will have to travel back and forth to the various landmarks in the area in order to progress.

Troll Caves

The Troll Caves lie beneath the highlands. They consist of both tunnel-style caves and vast underground chambers. Your first destination is in the underground mushroom gardens. Inside a small obsidian vault, you'll find a chest holding the troll's treasure, namely the Magic Beans.

Cloud Cottages

With any luck, planting the Magic Beans in a patch of Uberous Soil will send a beanstalk spiraling up into the bottom of the clouds above. Up on the cloud, you will find a cottage with several Giants patrolling nearby. Take what treasure you can, but you will need the Giant's Pickaxe to continue.

With the Giant's Pickaxe you can open the huge obsidian vault in the center of the Troll Caves. Inside the vault, you will find the Lamp of Cinders. The power of the lamp can burn the thorns in the nearby Thornlands.


The huge vines in the Thornlands are nearly impenetrable. Fortunately the Lamp of Cinders can burn them into ash. There's nothing here to fight, but one must be careful while navigating through the Thorns.

Final Plateau

Of course, having gone through all that, there is a big, white, majestic castle atop the plateau: The Final Castle. There is almost nothing in it, but perhaps one day in the future, there will be.

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