Scepter of Life Draining

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Scepter of Life Draining
Grid Scepter of Life Draining.png
Type Weapon
Durability 99 (Does not break when depleted)
Renewable No
Stackable No
ID lifedrain_scepter

The Scepter of Life Draining is a unique scepter which drains the life energy of whatever mob is right-clicked. Pink particle effects appear upon doing so. The best way to use this scepter is to hold down right-click while staring at an enemy. This will cause the enemy to float off the ground slightly and life energy will be transferred from the enemy to the user of the scepter, causing the user to heal faster than normal as if the user were in Peaceful mode. If the transfer of life energy is stopped midway through, the enemy will have the Slowness debuff applied to them and continue to approach the player, but at a much slower rate allowing the player to recharge the scepter or prepare for another round of draining. The scepter does not work against the Ender Dragon.

The Scepter of Life Draining can be enchanted with Unbreaking and Mending. It can only be enchanted by applying enchanted books on an Anvil.



The Scepter of Life Draining holds 99 charges and can be recharged by placing an empty Scepter of Life Draining and a Fermented Spider Eye in a crafting table.


Version Details
1.8.0 Added Wand of Life Draining.
1.8.1 Renamed Wand of Life Draining to Scepter of Life Draining.
2.0.1 Fixed a missing sound for the Scepter of Life Draining.
3.6.324 Fixed Scepter of Life Draining being unable to recharge.

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