Zombie Scepter

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Zombie Scepter
Grid Zombie Scepter.png
Type Weapon
Durability 9 (Does not break when depleted)
Renewable No
Stackable No
ID zombie_scepter

Don't let the Twilight Lich hog all the Zombies! Summon your own with this scepter: the Zombie Scepter. Zombies summoned are extra-strong, extra-fast, immune to sunlight, and instantly ready to attack your enemies. Summoned Zombies will follow you, attack things you attack, things that are attacking you, or even things that are thinking about attacking you. All that running, thinking and mind-reading wears the Zombies out pretty quickly, so summoned zombies will self-immolate after about a minute. Summoned Zombies are different from regular zombies in that they are not undead, being affected by potions normally and being targeted by the wither. Summoned Zombies do not scare, target or corrupt Villagers. Baby and chicken jockey variants do not exist.

The Zombie Scepter can be enchanted with Unbreaking and Mending. It can only be enchanted by applying enchanted books on an Anvil.


The Zombie Scepter doesn't hold that many Zombies, but it can be recharged. Craft an empty scepter with a chunk of Rotten Flesh and a Potion of Strength to recharge it.

Zombie Scepter
Rotten Flesh
Potion of Strength
Zombie Scepter
Zombie Scepter
Zombie Scepter


Twilight Forest Summoned Zombies.png


Version Details
1.8.0 Added Zombie Wand.
1.8.1 Renamed Zombie Wand to Zombie Scepter.
1.11.2 Fixed Zombie Scepter recharge recipe.
1.12.0 Potion of Strength II can now be used to recharge the Zombie Scepter.
1.15.0 Add some more internal values in the Zombie Scepter recharge recipe.
1.17.1 Fixed summoned Zombies having an incorrect bounding box.
3.7.424 Fixed Zombie Scepter on depleting the charges.

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