Aurora Palace

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Aurora Palace
Biome Glacier
Consists of Aurora Block

Aurora Pillar
Birch Plank
Birch Plank Slab
Packed Ice

Boss Snow Queen
Map Icon AuroraPalace.png
ID ice_tower

The Aurora Palace is a blue-green structure rising hundreds of blocks above the Glacier biome. This structure is unique, glowing and pulsing in a variety of colours. While the exterior is pleasing to watch, the denizens within won't take nicely to intrusion.

Inside its softly-pulsing walls you will find a series of vertical towers connected by doorways on varying levels. Stairs and platforms allow you to ascend through the building, some easily, some only through jumping and other techniques. Although, in recent times, the insides of the Aurora Palace have become more unforgiving, so preparation is needed.

Icy enemies patrol the palace. There are floating pieces of armor and swords, also known as Aurora Guardians, that are scattered throughout. These are equipped with various types of materials obtainable in the Twilight Forest. Sometimes one may come across floating ice cubes surrounded in icy spikes. Stable Ice Cores are common and will launch magical snowballs at the player, which can prove an annoyance for those unprepared or unaware. However, Unstable Ice Cores roam the Palace, and they only attack with melee damage. On death, these things will explode in a colorful fashion.

Throughout the Palace, there are rooms with chests hidden within them. Some of these chests contain some simple loot for aiding one in their travels such as small food items or arrows, along with valuable loot such as charms. Rooms with dead-ends contain the most valuable treasure, with an enchanted weapon within them.

While exploring the tower, you may eventually come across the ice-caked room of the Snow Queen.


While using the Progression system, the entire Glacier is protected by an ice storm, while the Aurora Palace and monsters are protected by magic. Players must defeat the Alpha Yeti to surpass this protection.

Players claiming victory over the Snow Queen will end the Snow Forest phase of the Progression.



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