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The Twilight Forest is made up of a number of biomes. If you construct a Magic Map, you will be able to see the biomes in the surrounding areas in different colors.

Core Biomes[edit]


These biomes make up most of the area on the map, and have a wide variety of objectives, treasures and animals. They are all relatively safe to travel in. No monsters spawn in these biomes under normal circumstances, although you may occasionally find one that has wandered out of a cave or ruin.

If you are playing with the Progression rules enabled, these biomes are all unprotected and free to explore at any time.

Swamp Biomes[edit]

Better Twilight Forest Swamp.png

The swamp biomes are found together in one section of the map. The Swamp usually surrounds the Fire Swamp. If you are playing through the progression system, you have to defeat the Lich before you can enter the swamp unimpeded.

Dark Forest Biomes[edit]

Better Twilight Forest Dark Forest.png

The Dark Forest usually sits diagonally across the map from the swamp. It is a very dangerous area, with poor visibility, and many monsters. If you are playing through the progression system, you have to defeat the Hydra before you can enter the dark forest without being cursed.

Cold Biomes[edit]


The cold biomes feature snow, ice, and fir trees. They are dangerous areas, occupied by freezing monsters. In the progression system, you must defeat the Ur-ghast before tackling these areas.

Highland Biomes[edit]

Placed atop huge cliffs, this section of biomes represents some of the toughest challenges the Twilight Forest has to offer. Using the progression system, a toxic rain protects these areas until the Snow Queen is defeated.

Rare Biomes[edit]

These biomes do not occur on every map. They have unique scenery and sometimes unique creatures or treasures.