Cloud Cottage

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Cloud Cottage
Cloud Cottage.png
Biome Highlands
Consists of Giant Log

Giant Leaves
Giant Cobblestone
Wispy Cloud
Fluffy Cloud

Boss Giant
Map Icon TrollCaves.png
ID troll_lairs

(The Cloud Cottage is a part of the Troll Caves)

Around a hundred blocks above the Highlands is the Cloud Cottage, a patch of solid clouds blocks out the sun, casting a shadow on the land below. These clouds are usually accessed via the Magic Beans. top the clouds are several giant trees and one cloud cottage, containing several Giants.

The cloud cottage is made of Giant Cobblestone with Giant Logs as a roof. If left intact, more giants may spawn inside the cottage following normal monster spawning rules.


If following the Progression system, the Cloud Cottage will be protected by acid rain. Slaying the Snow Queen in the Aurora Palace will dispell the rain.

In order to pass the Thornlands, one must obtain a Lamp of Cinders, which can be found in an Obsidian Vault in the Troll Caves. The vault cannot be opened without a Giant's Pickaxe.

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