Goblin Knight Stronghold

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Goblin Knight Stronghold
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Biome Dark Forest
Consists of Underbrick (incl. variants)

Stone Brick (incl. variants)
Stone Slab
Wooden Slab
Wooden Fence
Stronghold Shield
Trophy Pedestal
Iron Bars
Various Ores

Boss Knight Phantom (x6)
Map Icon GoblinStronghold.png
ID knight_stronghold

Ancient and forlorn, the Goblin Knight Strongholds rest amongst the unnaturally dense canopy of the Dark Forest. They can be difficult to spot amongst the darkness with little remaining above ground apart from broken walls and cracked bricks. Beneath the surface however, is a vast complex of rooms and hallways and tombs. Some explorers have noted a similarity to the twisting Labyrinths that lie beneath the Twilight Swamp, but these underground fortresses provide a very different challenge.


The entrance into the stronghold is always protected by a strange, possibly technological shield that is immune to all damage. Nearby however is a pedestal carved with images of some of the monstrous creatures that inhabit the Twilight Forest - an adventurer that wishes to explore the stronghold need only place a trophy taken from one of these slain foes to deactivate the shield.

The stronghold itself is mainly built with stone brick floors and ceilings, cracked and dusty from the passage of untold centuries. Uniquely, the walls are built from Underbrick, a more detailed form of Bricks though time has not left these untouched, with cracks and mossy patches scattered across the walls. Many different rooms have been found in strongholds, described below.

Feast Hall[edit]

Wooden tables and chairs are scattered about this large room, along with large stone fireplaces, cold and empty.


A room with patches of sand instead of stone brick in the floor, as well as one or more Anvils in various states of repair.

Training Room[edit]

A sandy floor can also be found here, along with several training dummies with Jack O' Lantern heads.


A large room built in two levels. Some have a tree growing in the centre while others are larger and rectangular in shape, with no decorations or features other than staircases that lead down to the lower levels of the stronghold. Multiple passages can branch off from these rooms.

Dead End[edit]

Sometimes the hallways end in a small room with multiple stone columns on the walls, with a much larger one situated facing the passage, perhaps some kind of monument or statue. Occasionally, treasure chests can be found here, as well as a Helmet Crab nest.

Knight Tomb[edit]

Behind a stout barrier of iron bars is the resting place of the Knight Phantoms, with six tombs covered in dressed stone slabs laid on the floor of this room. Adventurers should be prepared for a tough fight as the warrior spirits that reside here do not take kindly to intruders.


Goblins have usurped the original inhabitants of these strongholds, as the name of the place implies. Block and Chain Goblins pack a surprising punch despite their diminutive stature, while others overcome this natural shortcoming by riding on the shoulders of their comrades, called Goblin Knights by adventurers who have faced them. The other unique creature that infest the dusty hallways are Helmet Crabs, small but vicious critters with diamond hard shells that can overwhelm an overzealous explorer. Other than that, most other common monsters are not usually found in a stronghold, other than Creepers.


Treasure chests are scattered about strongholds, sometimes set on pedestals along the wall of a passage (much like in Overworld strongholds) while others can be found in the rooms found at the dead end of a passage. Common loot such as Ironwood Ingots, Steeleaf, food, tools and enchanted armour and weapons can be found but the greatest prizes to be found are Knightmetal Ingots and Knightly Armor, as well as Charms of Keeping and Charms of Life.


Exploring the Dark Forest seems daunting enough with its extreme darkness, but this is compounded by dark strands of magic that renders explorers utterly blind upon setting foot beneath the Darkwood Trees. Only by defeating a Twilight Lich will this foul magic be dispelled. Adventurers will also need to bring with them a trophy of a slain foe to unlock the shield protecting a stronghold - handily, it appears that once placed, the shield is permanently disabled, allowing the trophy to be taken back in hand before proceeding into the stronghold.

Once the Knight Phantoms have been laid back to rest, this seems to have two effects - dispelling the blindness spell completely from the centre of the Dark Forest, as well as unlocking the colossal Dark Tower that stands at the very heart of the Forest, along with its strange technologies.


Version Details
1.18.1 Added Goblin Knight Stronghold.
1.18.2 Revised decoration and loot chests in the Goblin Knight Stronghold.

Reduced how frequent Goblin Knights spawn.

The upper-half of the Goblin Knight Stronghold now looks more like a ruin.

Added a map icon for the Goblin Knight Stronghold.

2.1.1 Removed most of the Stronghold Shields in favor of the new block protection. The upper-half is not protected.
3.8.654 Fixed the Goblin Knight Stronghold being a complete mess of corridors and overabundance of boss rooms.

The Goblin Knight Stronghold is not conquered until the last Knight Phantom is slain.

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