Hedge Maze

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Hedge Maze
Hedge Maze.png
Biome Twilight Forest

Firefly Forest
Oak Savannah

Consists of Hedge


Boss N/A
Map Icon HedgeMazeMap.png
ID hedge_maze

Hedge Mazes cover small clearings in the Twilight Forest. The Mazes are brightly-lit, and consist of twisting corridors made of Hedge blocks that lead to small open areas within the maze. Canopy Trees occasionally grow as posts within the hedge. Fireflies and Jack-o-lanterns light up the area.

Each open area contains a Spawner block, 1-2 Chests, and 1-2 Jack-o-lanterns. The Spawners generate either Hostile Wolves, Swarm Spiders or Hedge Spiders. All of the Spawners operate under any light level, and mining through them with a pickaxe is the best way to stop them from spawning. The chests contain mostly food and other supplies, but you can occasionally find rare items.

Hedge Mazes are not affiliated with the Progression system, and can be freely explored. Hedge Mazes are one of the easier challenges in the Twilight Forest, and are a good way to stock up on food, supplies, or gain a few levels for enchanting.

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