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Rising out of the otherwise flat terrain of the Twilight Forest, Hollow Hills are conspicuous mounds of dirt that conceal a vast hollow cave packed with stalactites and stalagmites, some of which are formed with precious ores and minerals. There is also treasure to be found, but dangerous creatures abound in the darkness that can spell the doom of an unwary explorer.


Explorers have found these large dome-shaped hills in three distinct sizes, large enough to be detected and marked on a Magic Map, with an appropriate icon indicating its size. Some hills have been found to have other caves and ravines cutting into them, so those adventurers tunneling beneath the earth may find themselves inside one of these hills in their explorations.

Hollow Hills are an excellent source of ores to be mined and treasures to be looted, with the more valuable loot contained in the larger hills. Unfortunately, it also seems that the larger the hill, the more deadly creatures that live there. Explorers should remember the basic rules of caving, and never tunnel directly down into a Hollow Hill; instead, approach from the side and bring plenty of light sources to illuminate the interior.

Small Hills[edit]

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Small hills measure approximately 30 metres across and usually contain the basic minerals such as Coal, Iron, with Redstone and Glowstone occasionally being found. Explorers can expect to find a couple of treasure chests containing common tools and items such as food, arrows, ladders and torches, but rarely, a valuable Ore Magnet may be found along with a Diamond and Steeleaf. Swarm Spiders, Redcap Goblins and Kobolds reside in these hills, with other creatures common to the Overworld such as Skeletons as well.

Medium Hills[edit]

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Medium hills are about 60 metres in diameter, and 25+ metres tall in the center. The interior becomes more spacious, but this has also attracted more and deadlier creatures. Gold and Lapis can be found here as well as Diamond and Emerald being seen, albeit rarely. As the value of the ores increase, so do the treasures - up to 6 chests can usually be found in a medium hill containing Ironwood Ingots and Transformation Powder, along with unique artefacts such as a Moonworm Queen, the Peacock Feather Fan and the Uncrafting Table. Fire Beetles and Redcap Sappers live in medium hills, in addition to those seen in small hills.

Large Hills[edit]

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The largest hollow hills cover an area around 112 metres in diameter, giving them an interior volume of over 175,000 blocks. Every type of ore can be found in these cathedral-like caverns. There are up to 12 treasure chests, containing the most valuable treasures such as Naga Scales and Steeleaf. Naturally, one will find the most dangerous monsters here, including Wraiths, Witches, Slime Beetles, and Pinch Beetles.

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