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Better twilight Forest Lich Tower.png

The Lich rules over his domain from the tops of these huge towers. The Towers consist of a central tower with many smaller towers connected off the side, sometimes with bridges. The mobs there are Zombies, Skeletons, Swarm Spiders, and Death Tomes. The central tower and many of the smaller towers have a double staircase along the walls to allow access to any connected towers. The Towers usually have decorated and furnished rooms, sometimes in multiple stories.

Room themes include libraries, spawner rooms, web-filled rooms, treasure rooms, and occasionally have strange things like an indoor desert or columns of Iron Bars. Be alert for treasure chests, not only in the treasure rooms, but also tucked among the shelves of the libraries. The Lich has many different treasures, but most commonly they are Books, Potions, Brewing Supplies, and enchanted equipment.

At the top of the tower, a spawner will summon the Lich. His special lair has walls covered in paintings and torches, and elaborate chandelier, and a glass floor.

Below is a Lich Tower rising out of a Snowy Forest Biome, and intersecting with a Glacier.

Lich tower glacier.png


When using the progression system, the Lich Tower will be surrounded by a glowing green field. Blocks and monsters inside the tower proper will be protected. Killing the Naga and picking up one of his Naga Scales will dispel the protection.

Defeating the Lich and picking up one of his magical scepters will remove the protection on the Swamp and allow access to the Labyrinth in the swamp.

Use as a base or home[edit]

The Lich Tower can, provided that it has been conquered fully, be used as a fully-functional base. The libraries have more than enough bookshelves to fully activate an Enchanting Table, and the empty rooms can easily be converted into farms. The Lich Tower will need some repairs to make it completely safe for habitation, such as repairing the main staircases to prevent any falls, and removal of all spawners to prevent Monsters from invading. The Tower will also need to be heavily lit up, as there are many nooks and crannies that can spawn monsters given the chance to. The Tower also provides a fair share of chests for storage. The Tower is also high enough to provide a view for miles, if you're using the OptiFine mod, you can also zoom out and view specific areas in detail from the Tower. In short:


  • Preconstructed Enchanting rooms.
  • Chests are already there for storage.
  • Great view.
  • Plenty of resources to be found within, particularly Potions.
  • The Lich's room can be re-made into a Mob Grinder, using the four-way water and dark area grinder method.
  • No traps, unlike the Labyrinth.


  • Needs to be lit up heavily.
  • Broken stairways will need to be repaired.
  • Very real possibility of falling to death.
  • Can be confusing to navigate (though a long-term stay will likely lessen this.)
  • Several of the blocks that make up the towers' structure are infested with Silverfish.
  • Pre-inhabiting monsters pose a threat to anyone trying to take over the tower, though with proper planning they will pose little problem.
  • The Tower can spawn in inconvenient places, such as surrounded by thick Darkwood Trees, so an alternate exit may have to be constructed.