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Magic Map
Magic Map Empty.png
Type Map
Durability N/A
Renewable Yes
Stackable No
ID magic_map

Magic Map is a special type of map that only works in the Twilight Forest dimension. The Magic Map reveals a expansive view of the area around you. It shows an area four times as large as a normal map, and in the Twilight Forest, it will reveal what features lie in the nearby regions. One can obtain a Magic Map by crafting 8 Paper and a Magic Map Focus. Like regular Maps, these can be duplicated, but cannot be zoomed out.

When used, the map will display several things a normal Map would not. The first difference is how biomes are displayed. Each biome in the Twilight Forest is given a different color that hints to what the biome would look like. Some biomes are surrounded by other biomes; these biomes are affected by Progression and need to be unlocked. Outlining these biomes are streams, represented with a deep blue.

Another difference is the icons on the map. These icons correspond to a Major Landmark, such as white mounds representing Hollow Hills and a Naga Head representing a Naga Courtyard. There are several more icons, but each one usually defines what the landmark is.

New Twilight Forest Magic Map.png


Magic Map Focus
Magic Map
Magic Map
Magic Map


Version Details
1.9.0 Added Magic Map.
1.9.1 Fixed biomes not displaying properly if the biome IDs are set above 127.
1.11.0 Rewrote the Magic Map packets for the new Forge.
1.12.0 Added an empty icon for Empty Magic Map.
1.13.1 Removed map name from in-map renderer.
1.15.1 Fixed a bug with Magic Maps on servers.
1.16.1 Made Magic Maps check for bad icons and remove them.
1.20.0 Magic Maps now render the map when displayed on an Item Frame.
3.3.202 Fixed Magic Map icons grinding the FPS down to a standstill due to thousands of duplicate icons.
3.7.424 Magic Maps now update properly between dimensions.

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