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Magic Map
Magic Map Empty.png
Type Map
Durability N/A
Renewable Yes
Stackable No
ID magic_map

Magic Maps are an essential tool to any serious explorer in the Twilight Forest. Crafted with Paper and a Magic Map Focus, it links intrinsically to the dimension to show valuable information of the surrounding lands around the bearer.


A magic map works much in the same way as a map in the Overworld does but with key differences. Because of its link to the fabric of the Twilight Forest dimension, it cannot locate the user if they are in a different dimension. Helpfully, when first used it will show an area four times larger than an Overworld map. While it can be duplicated, the view cannot be expanded, thus several maps will need to be crafted (by moving outside of the bounds of an existing map) for those who explore further afield.

Unlike an Overworld map, a Magic Map does not show the lay of the land, but instead, the various biomes of the Twilight Forest and their boundaries in various colours. As such, one can ascertain what area of the forest they are in, as well as nearby regions at a glance. In particular, it can be easily seen on a map where some biomes are surrounded by others, which may be under magical protection. For example, an explorer will not be able to travel into the Fire Swamp without first defeating a Minoshroom deep in its Labyrinth.

The map's magical focus is also able to detect major landmarks, marking them with distinct icons onto the map. Combined with the biome mapping, an explorer should have no trouble in determining where they are and where they want to venture to in the Twilight Forest.

See below for the key to the many and varied biomes in the Forest, as well as the landmarks where adventure can be found.


Magic Map Focus
Magic Map
Magic Map
Magic Map

Map Key[edit]

  • Biome Map Color Color Value (by Hex)
    Dark Forest Dark Forest Colour.png #35421B
    Dark Forest Center Dark Forest Center Colour.png #70421B
    Deep Mushroom Forest Deep Mushroom Forest Colour.png #A65872
    Dense Twilight Forest Dense Twilight Forest.png #005600
    Enchanted Forest Enchanted Forest Colour.png #7DC919
    Final Plateau Final Plateau Colour.png #979797
    Fire Swamp Fire Swamp Colour.png #5E0100
    Firefly Forest Firefly Forest.png #00B831
    Glacier Glacier Colour.png #8888D9
    Mushroom Forest Mushroom Forest.png #965824
    Oak Savannah Oak Savannah Colour.png #587B27
    Snowy Forest Snowy Forest Colour.png #D8D8D8
    Thornlands Thornlands Colour.png #4A3E26
    Twilight Clearing TF Clearing.png #7DAF37
    Twilight Forest Twilight Forest Colour.png #006800
    Twilight Highlands Highlands Colour.png #684B35
    Twilight Lake Lake.png #3636D9
    Twilight Stream Lake.png #3636D9
    Twilight Swamp Swamp Colour.png #2F716F
  • Landmark Symbol
    Aurora Palace AuroraPalace.png
    Cloud Cottage/Troll Caves TrollCaves.png
    Dark Tower DarkTower.png
    Final Castle FinalCastle.png
    Goblin Knight Stronghold GoblinStronghold.png
    Hedge Maze HedgeMazeMap.png
    Hollow Hill (Small) HillSmall.png
    Hollow Hill (Medium) HillMedium.png
    Hollow Hill (Large) HillLarge.png
    Hydra Lair HydraLair.png
    Labyrinth Labyrinth.png
    Lich Tower LichTower.png
    Naga Courtyard NagaCourtyard.png
    Quest Grove QuestGrove.png
    Yeti Lair YetiLair.png


New Twilight Forest Magic Map.png


Version Details
1.9.0 Added Magic Map.
1.9.1 Fixed biomes not displaying properly if the biome IDs are set above 127.
1.11.0 Rewrote the Magic Map packets for the new Forge.
1.12.0 Added an empty icon for Empty Magic Map.
1.13.1 Removed map name from in-map renderer.
1.15.1 Fixed a bug with Magic Maps on servers.
1.16.1 Made Magic Maps check for bad icons and remove them.
1.20.0 Magic Maps now render the map when displayed on an Item Frame.
3.3.202 Fixed Magic Map icons grinding the FPS down to a standstill due to thousands of duplicate icons.
3.7.424 Magic Maps now update properly between dimensions.

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