Magic Map

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Magic Map
Magic Map Empty.png
Type Map
Durability N/A
Renewable Yes
Stackable No
ID magic_map

Magic Map is a special type of map that only works in the Twilight Forest dimension. The Magic Map reveals a expansive view of the area around you. It shows an area four times as large as a normal map, and in the Twilight Forest, it will reveal what features lie in the nearby regions. One can obtain a Magic Map by crafting 8 Paper and a Magic Map Focus.

When used, the map will display several things a normal Map would not. The first difference is how biomes are displayed. Each biome in the Twilight Forest is given a different color that hints to what the biome would look like. Some biomes are surrounded by other biomes; these biomes are affected by Progression and need to be unlocked. Outlining these biomes are streams, represented with a deep blue.

Another difference is the icons on the map. These icons correspond to a Major Landmark, such as white mounds representing Hollow Hills and a Naga Head representing a Naga Courtyard. There are several more icons, but each one usually defines what the landmark is.

New Twilight Forest Magic Map.png

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