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Steeleaf is a tool and armor material found in Labyrinth, Hollow Hill, and Dark Tower chests. This material is as powerful as Diamond in a tool or armor, but is less durable than even Iron. Steeleaf tools and weapons have a total of 131 uses. Like most other Twilight materials, items crafted from Steeleaf are automatically enchanted. Non-enchanted pieces can be found in Labyrinth chests as well.

Crafting Steeleaf Armor, Tools, and Weapons is the same as Ironwood, but with better enchantments.

Steeleaf Helm: receives Projectile Protection II.

Steeleaf Plate: receives Blast Protection II.

Steeleaf Legs: receives Fire Protection II.

Steeleaf Boots: receives Feather Falling II.

Steeleaf Sword: receives Looting II.

Steeleaf Pick: receives Fortune II.

Steeleaf Axe: receives Efficiency II.

Steeleaf Shovel: receives Efficiency II.

Steeleaf Hoe: no enchantments apply to hoes, so the Steeleaf Hoe is unenchanted.

Item Steeleaf.png