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Twilight Forest Towerwood.png

The Dark Towers of the Twilight Forest are made up of an incredibly hard block that's more reddish than typical wood planks. Towerwood comes in five variations (Towerwood, Encased Towerwood, Cracked Towerwood, Mossy Towerwood, and Infested Towerwood). All types of Towerwood are completely immune to the effects of fire and cannot burn. Like Silverfish Monster Eggs, Infested Towerwood will spew out Towerwood Borers when broken or when the player provokes another Borer.

Towerwood can be crafted by using four Darkwood Logs.
Twilight Forest Crafting Towerwood.pngTwilight Forest Crafting Encased Towerwood.png

All types of Towerwood can also act as normal Wooden Planks.