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Twilight Oaks[edit]

There are two types of Twilight Oak Trees.

Twilight Forest Twilght Oak.png

The first kind are the Sickly Twilight Oak Trees. These are the most common type of sapling, and are dropped from Twilight Oak Leaves. When grown, they will become trees that appear similar to the Overworld Oak Trees in shape and size.

Twilght Forest Robust Twilght Oak.png

The second kind are the Robust Twilight Oak Trees. These huge trees range from 3 to 9 blocks in diameter, and range in height from around 50 to over 100 blocks tall. The trunks of these huge trees are hollow, and have vines growing up the eastern side of the cavity inside. Occasionally, an adventurer may find a Leaf Dungeon in the branches of the Robust Twilight Oaks. These Dungeons can contain all Twilight Forest Tree Saplings, different kinds of food, and also the special Magic Tree Saplings.

The outside of Robust Twilight Oak Trees are covered in Fireflies and Cicadas. They are the only natural place to find Cicadas.

Canopy Trees[edit]

Twilght Forest Canopy Tree.png

This common Tree covers nearly all Biomes in the Twilight Forest. It has dark brown bark with gray-brown horizontal striping, similar to the freshly-grown bark of a cherry tree. Canopy Trees are fairly regular in height, being typically 20-24 blocks tall. About 1 in 24 canopy trees grows slightly larger, with a 2-block thick trunk, and reaching 35-40 blocks in height. Each canopy tree typically has exactly one Firefly living on it.

The Canopy Trees provide covers vast stretches of land. It is possible to travel hundreds of blocks by running and jumping on the leaves of these trees.


Twilght Forest Mangrove.png

Mangroves fill the Swamp waters of the Twilight Forest. They have grey bark with brown and mustard-color patches. The woody part of this tree grows in an hourglass shape, with a slender trunk in the middle branching outwards on the top and bottom.

Similar to Canopy Trees, each Mangrove Tree has one Firefly on the trunk.

Darkwood Trees[edit]

Twilight Forest Darkwood Tree.png

These Trees grow at an amazing density in the Dark Forest, and their thick canopy of Darkwood Leaves blots out the sky, leaving it as dark as night beneath.

Darkwood Trees are some of the shortest of the trees endemic to the Twilight Forest, growing from 10-14 blocks high, and leafing out into their distinctive opaque canopy at around 6 blocks off the ground.

Rainbow Trees[edit]

Twilight Forest Rainbow Tree.png

These magnificent trees are a type of tree that is found exclusively within an Enchanted Forest and are a welcome sign that a Quest Grove is near. These trees grow similarly to the Overworld Oak Trees, even with the larger variants.

Rainbow Trees can be found in all different colors and sizes. Surely getting a sapling from one of these trees would make perfect decoration.

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